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Some of you may have noticed the new and exciting changes that have been ongoing over the last few weeks at Hingham Animal Clinic. We are pleased to report that the renovations are complete! We know that these renovations will make you and your pet's experience a more comfortable while also making it just a bit easier for our veterinarians and staff to do their jobs.

We have expanded our appointment hours and broadened our range of services in the same quaint and caring atmosphere that pet owners have come to expect of us. 

 In addition to the cosmetic upgrades, we have also added new equipment and services including:

Dr. Waters wants you to know that we still have our wonderful staff. And our team still creates the family atmosphere that we know you all love. Plus, we still have prices that don’t break the bank. If you haven’t stopped by, please come in and take a look around-we think you are going to love it!

An exam room before the renovations   The waiting room pre-renovation
 One of our exam rooms before the renovation  The waiting area pre-renovation
The new exterior of Hingham Animal Clinic One of our new exam rooms
The new exterior of Hingham Animal Clinic One of our bright and shiny new exam rooms
Dr. Anholzer uses new digital x-ray Treatment room
Dr. Anholzer uses our new digital x-ray machine

Our treatment room complete with ultrasound

Hingham Animal Clinic's new waiting area  
Hingham Animal Clinic's new waiting area